About us

We want to recapture the atmosphere of Thailand. In order to do this we have put a lot of effort. Once you felt the unlimited pleasure of Thai massage you will want to feel it again and again. And we are always happy to meet you with a smile and gratitude. In our center Buddha Thai Spa you can relax, improve your health, enjoy the secrets of Thai massage for a few hours and forget about your problems and troubles. Despite the intensity of massage therapist movements you will never feel the pain. Pleasurable sensations is what you should expect in our center. Your body will relax, your mind will become clear, your psychological balance will be restored. Furthermore, your vital energy will be restored and enhanced.

In Buddha Thai Spa we care about every detail: smell, cosmetics used in the process of massage, music. We care as well about staff or massage therapist etiquette.

Thai massage is a philosophy that has been around for over 2,500 years. Full benefits and effectiveness of Thai massage can be revealed at full scale only if there is an energy exchange between the massage therapist and the client.

We care about our clients and we are well aware that in order to relax you need not only the massage therapist's skilled hands but also a suitable atmosphere.

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